The conference is being organised by the Department of Scandinavian Studies of the University of Göttingen in cooperation with the Strindberg Society.

Programm (deutsch)

Programme (english)

The 21st International Strindberg Conference in Göttingen is devoted to the ambivalent relationship with the Enlightenment in August Strindberg’s writings. The subject of the conference deliberately refers to the location Göttingen with its central role in the European Enlightenment. With its close connections with France and Britain, the town attracted numerous scientists and intellectuals. The university and its library became an important hub of Enlightenment literature and research.

The conference aims not only to gain new insights into Strindberg’s analysis of the philosophy and literature of Enlightenment but also to place the understanding of Enlightenment in a new perspective in the context of the aesthetic modern age.

Conference Venue: Lichtenberg-Kolleg, Göttingen